The woman behind TWC

Paige Renshaw is an all around amazing superwoman transforming the way we look at our lifestyles, our food and our health.  From lacking inner vitality and feeling unwell for a decade; Paige decided to take control of her life and participate in her own self healing, self love and self care.  Using nature as her guide, food as her pharmacy, and reconnecting with her inner wisdom and knowledge - she is committed to educating others how to heal themselves naturally and achieve wellness. 

Converting to a completely wholefood plant-based lifestyle, cleaning out her body with routine cleanses, nourishing her mind with meditation, and strengthening her body with consistent exercise Paige is now at her optimal health; running a mission-driven business that focuses on helping others achieve their goals.  As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate holder, she has a deep passion for revolutionising people’s health and wellness through rebuilding their relationship with themselves, their lifestyle and their food.

I want to inspire people to live their best lives and take total control of their health, their happiness and their circumstances.


Australia's First Plant-Based Cruise Event

Departing Sydney, October 20th - 29th 2018

The Whole Connection

The Whole Connection was created with the vision to empower and inspire the masses on how to achieve Optimal Health, Vitality and Wellbeing. Bringing the best in health and wellness educators from Australia, N.Z. China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S, in a fun and relaxed environment - this is a transformational 'retreat style' holiday for those wanting to improve their lives.

The Whole Connection is building a revolution in cruising. Held on the luxurious 5 Star Ship: The Celebrity Solstice and boasting a specialised vegan menu, for The Whole Connection guests, it is the first of its kind in Australia.  There is a strong global movement towards veganism, it is a trending market and Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world.

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Time Out Aboard the Celebrity Solstice

An escape to your optimal life