The Whole Connection is all about revolutionising your health and rebuilding your relationship with your food, your lifestyle and yourself.

In October of this year, we are hosting Australia's First Plant-Based Cruise Event. This is a one-of-a-kind health retreat at sea with all the benefits and perks of a luxury cruise included. Tickets are now on sale and numbers are strictly limited

Ready to Escape the Stresses of Daily Life?

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“I lived with chronic fatigue/endometriosis and had an incessant battle with yoyo weight fluctuations… which lead to more yoyo dieting and consistently being upset and disappointed with my body.  Eventually, that kind of thing eats away at you, and I was diagnosed with depression.”
- Paige Renshaw

Have you ever wondered how to get inspired and empowered to live your best life?

Paige Renshaw is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and an all around amazing superwoman revolutionising the way we look at our lifestyles, food and health. Lacking inner vitality and living through a roller coaster of feeling unwell for a decade; Paige decided to take control of her life when she hit rock bottom. Creating her own self-healing, self love and self care using various health & wellness modalities, nature as her guide, food as her pharmacy and reconnecting with her inner wisdom and knowledge

Stay connected and receive real life tips & tools for optimal health!

Learn the raw truth about living on a plant-based diet

Learn how Paige overcame feeling unwell, unhappy and exhausted using a plant-based diet and self care practices. She now enjoys an abundance of plant-powered energy.

Escape the ongoing stressors and demands of daily life

Driven by a mission to give others the same tools Paige used in her own healing journey, Australia’s first Plant-Based Cruise is set to sail from the shores of Sydney on October 20th 2018.

Designed to be an “active retreat-style cruise”, it’s all about transforming your health, your happiness and your life - all while enjoying the perks of luxury cruising and seeing one of the most beautiful parts of planet Earth!

Combining Education, Transformation, Stunning Plant-Based Food, and Deep Relaxation – The Whole Connection Event will set you up for living your best life this year and for years to come!

Join us for the Trip of a Lifetime!

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How is The Whole Connection different to a regular cruise?

  • Learn new habits for longevity, happiness and healthy living?
  • Escape the ongoing stresses and demands of daily life?
  • Bask in the rejuvenating bliss of a Pacific Ocean cruise?
  • Reconnect with yourself and recharge your energy?
  • Be educated by Plant-based Health Industry Experts?
  • Enjoy an exclusive delicious plant-based menu?
  • Connect with like-minded friends and community ?
  • Learn the raw truth about living on a plant-based diet?
  • Experience a life-changing health retreat like no other?
  • Be inspired and empowered to live your best life?

“I just kept listening. I was astounded by how my body told me what it needed… It was time for me to stop ‘outsourcing’ my health and take control of my own body. It’s about listening to that inner knowing, an inner calling.”
- Paige Renshaw

The first program of its kind in Australia

We have brought together plant-based industry experts who will educate, inspire and empower people on the importance of a holistic approach to life … whilst on a luxurious cruise holiday having the time of your life!

So much to digest

  • Wellness workshops
  • Cooking Classes / Plant-based Information/ Demonstrations
  • Industry Experts giving Professional Presentations
  • The Opportunity for Personal Consultations with our Industry Professionals
  • Daily Yoga and Fitness Classes

So much to enjoy

  • Meditation Classes
  • Exclusive Plant-based menu catered for all dietary requirements
  • Group Activities
  • Exclusive Documentary Nights
  • Holistic Welcome Pack
  • Q&A Panel where you can connect with a selection of our presenters!

To view all the program details and check ticket availability visit the event page below.

"I want to inspire people to live their best lives and take total control of their health, their happiness and their circumstances." - Paige Renshaw

What's being said

I am so grateful and appreciative of the support Paige from the Whole Connection has given me. I would not have done it without her. I was advised by a doctor in April 2016, that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. At 43yrs that did not sit well. I reached out to Paige for her Health Coaching assistance and she was able to give me the support, encouragement and tools to transition to a whole food / plant based diet and no medication required. This has given me a new lease of life with extra energy. I have also lost over 15kg since May 2016. I cannot thank her enough.
Miss A.Lawton

My job is delivering and assembling furniture, which entails a lot on bending and getting down on my hands and knees. Over the course of a few months I started to get extreme joint and muscle soreness and an overall feeling of not being well.
I went to the doctor and after numerous tests was told that my body was just worn out. I consulted Paige from The Whole Connection who did a review of my diet and overall life style. Paige started my diet changes gradually which I was very appreciative. The small changes to my diet initially surprised me on how much better I was starting to feel so soon. The muscle and joint soreness disappeared and felt like my old self. The fatigue disappeared and now I can ride bike with my grandsons again.
Paige has been a godsend and I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me.
Mr B.Simmons

Essential ingredients to live with more joy & balance

See Where Paige is Presenting Her Signature Talk

Current Talk locations are:

21st April 2018 – Noosa Vegan Festival
26th April 2018 –
Sprout lifestyle, Shanghai
2nd May 2018 –
Hong Kong

More locations and dates to be announced soon!


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