Australia's First Plant-Based Cruise Event

Departing Sydney, October 20th 2018


The Whole Connection was created with the vision to empower and inspire the masses on how to achieve Optimal Health, Vitality and Wellbeing. Bringing you the best in health and wellness educators from Australia, N.Z., Singapore, China, Hong Kong and the U.S. in a fun and relaxed environment - YOU will embark on YOUR own personal voyage to your best life! An abundance of knowledge and education is supplied to you in addition to activities, entertainment and much more!… 9 days cruising the Pacific Islands: disconnect from your everyday life to re-connect.

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Optimal Health

What is optimal health?... It is reaching YOUR own health and wellness goals realistically, for YOUR personal best! Feel inspired from the multitude of workshops, demonstrations, classes and lectures supplied in the Holistic 9 Day Program. YOU will see how optimal health IS easily achieved and that it IS sustainable. While knowledge empowers, inspiration blossoms. The Whole Connection helps to forge lifelong connections and friendships so that you have full continued support to live YOUR best life!

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Vitality means your mind, body and spirit are in a state of being strong, active and full of life! Immerse yourself in our Holistic 9 Day Program…  where we will showcase expert speakers and presenters - giving you the tips, tricks and strategies on how to live your best life! The Celebrity Solstice brings a luxuriously opulent feel and more space to truly get away from it all. This is cruising like you've never seen it before...

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Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy… Who doesn’t want that?!!! Learning in a fun, informative and relaxed environment while creating your community of support WORKS!

Are you needing time out to relax and get away from the stressors of daily life?

Are you ready to make changes and implement strategies to reach optimal health, vitality and wellbeing?

We are supplying you with the tools and simple strategies to get you started!!! Want to know more?... Contact us today!

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Australia's First Plant-Based Cruise Event






Time Out Aboard the Celebrity Solstice

An escape to your optimal life